12th Azerbaijan International Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition

5 - 7 November 2019 • Baku Expo Center

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BEAUTY AZERBAIJAN - The secret weapon of beauty of Hollywood celebrities

The secret weapon of beauty of Hollywood celebrities


Aynur Sagieva, Executive Director at Hayal Estetik  

 - Two years ago, when we were establishing our company, we wanted to distinguish ourselves and take our worthy place in the already existing market of cosmetology. To do this, we decided to work with new nanotechnologies using Japanese fillers. However, now our range has increased and we are working with the products of such world brands as Ayala Premium, Piennedi, Innea, Outline Gel and Salmon DNA. Today the exhibition has a favorable effect on the image of our company.

 What for years has been the secret weapon of the beauty of Hollywood celebrities, is now available to everyone: we have started the import of Salmon DNA fillers. Holding the certificates of the Ministries of Health and Economy, we have become an official distributor of the world famous brands in Azerbaijan. The products we import are tested by at least 5-10 doctors. We bring certified products, known throughout the world, whose effectiveness is proven by two years of practice. Now the tightening of threads is very popular, and we brought a new drug to Azerbaijan in the form of a liquid that gets under the skin of the face, turns into strands and creates a special effect that is visible after the first session, with the duration of one and a half years.

We have repeatedly participated in international exhibitions in Moscow, Monaco, Belarus and Dubai. However, it is our first-time participation at the Beauty 2017 exhibition, and on the very first day, we were pleased with the number of professionals among the visitors.


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